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Either clear span frames or frames with interior columns are available. Widths greater than 80 feet are more economical with an interior column. Endwall frames feature a beam and column design, unlike the rigid frame design used on the interior frames of the building, for maximum cost effectiveness. Optional rigid frame endwalls for future expansion may be ordered for the endwalls. All frames are finished with a red oxide primer.

Most, but not all, sidewall columns are tapered but may be ordered straight upon request. In most cases, a tapered column is more economical.


A ridged (double slope) building in which the ridge is in the center of the building. Standard widths are 20′ to 120′, eave heights of 10′ to 25′, and bay heights of 20′, 25′ or 30′. Greater widths and eave heights may be achieved, but must go through Design prior to quoting.



A ridged (double slope) building in which the ridge is in the center of the building. A modular, tapered column system, available in widths of 80′ to 240′, with eave heights of 12′ to 25′ and standard bay lengths of 20′, 25′ or 30′. Roof slope is 1:12. Greater building widths may utilize more than one row of interior columns to reduce cost.


A sloping roof in one plane with both high sidewall and low sidewall columns. The slope is from one wall to the opposite wall. Single-slope buildings are also used when adding on to an existing building in the event that it was not designed to carry the load of a lean-to.



Perfect for providing you with that extra storage space you need alongside your building. The Lean-to ties in at the eave of another building or below the eave and can provide a variety of uses…from just a covered area to a completely enclosed addition to your building. Available in all width extension increments for all new structures. Width and height maximum dimensions will vary according to loading requirements. Inside clearances can be specified for all frame options.

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